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Resources Energy Savings Chart

Operating Temperature 150# Gate Valve Size (300 # Over 500 F) BTU Loss/Hr
3" 4" 6" 8" 10"
200 F
(1" Thick)
1550.25 1989 2895.75 3773.25 3246.75 Uninsulated
84.694 108.664 158.202 206.142 177.387 Insulated
350 F
(1.5" Thick)
4081 5236 7623 9933 8547 Uninsulated
194.351 249.356 363.033 473.043 407.037 Insulated
400 F
(2" Thick)
6340.125 8134.5 11842.875 15431.625 13278.375 Uninsulated
251.909 323.204 470.547 613.147 527.583 Insulated
500 F
(2" Thick)
9685.75 12427 18092.25 23574.75 20285.25 Uninsulated
356.75 475.64 666.27 868.17 747.03 Insulated
600 F
(2" Thick)
13342.75 17119 24923.25 32475.75 27944.25 Uninsulated
467.566 599.896 873.378 1138.038 979.242 Insulated

Energy Savings Example

An insulated 6-inch 150# gate valve operating at a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit would save a company $864.30 per 6-inch gate valve.

  • Annual Fuel Savings = 11,372.328 BTU/Hr x 8,000 Hr/Yr = 90.979 MMBTU
  • Annual Dollar Savings = 90.979 MMBTU x $9.50 MMBTU = $864.30 per 6-Inch Gate Valve


These are the benefits of using a HotCaps™ removable insulation cover:

Energy Conservation

HotCaps™ provides an economical way to insulate components that require routine maintenance and are usually left uninsulated after maintenance is performed. Uninsulated valves, flanges, and other components waste thousands of dollars in lost energy. The payback period on a HotCaps™ insulation jacket is often several months.

Labor Savings

The installation cost of a HotCaps™ jacket is usually much less than that of a hard insulation cover on a valve or flange. This initial savings plus the ability to reinstall the cover add up to substantial cost savings. Most covers can be removed or reinstalled in a matter of minutes by one person.

Personnel Protection

HotCaps™ installed on dangerously hot equipment provides a sensible way to protect plant personnel from serious burns. The jackets are designed with the appropriate amount of insulation so that the exterior is below the O.S.H.A. temperature guideline of 140 degrees F.

Freeze Protection

HotCaps™ provides excellent protection on transmitters, gauges, valves, flanges, and other components where freeze protection is required. The flexibility of the insulation jackets allows them to conform to the irregularities of existing steam or electric tracing. Electric and steam tracing lines can also be incorporated into the HotCaps™ cover.

Insulation Protection

Weather, abrasion, and chemical-resistant jacketing materials protect the insulating media. Crushed insulation and smashed metal covers due to plant abuse are eliminated because the covers are flexible and resilient.

Process Control

HotCaps™ creates stable conditions for specific processes. When used on hard-to-insulate line components, HotCaps™ can increase the efficiency of your temperature source and help deliver optimum temperatures to your point of work.

Sound Attenuation

HotCaps™ is a direct solution to sound control for any application. The covers reduce noise at the source by absorbing and reducing the reflection of sound waves. The mass loaded vinyl blocks the transmission of noise from the area.

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