SlickWrap™ by HotCaps™

SlickWrap™ are made with 1″ E Glass that is manufactured to conform with the requirements of Military Specification MIL-1-16411 Type II, ASTM-C-1086-96 and Coast Guard Specification for Incombustible Materials #164.009 and MIL-I-24244. This is a fiberglass mat composed of 100% “E” type glass fibers which are put into web form and mechanically needles together without chemical binders. Material has a 1200°F continuous temperature rating.

SlickWrap™ are also covered with 16.5 oz. Teflon coated fiberglass cloth. Material has a 550°F continuous temperature rating. Will provide excellent chemical, oil, abrasion and weather resistance. This is flame retardant as well. The insulation is held together with nylon velcro that insures a tight fit.