HotCaps™ Removable Insulation Covers- Traveling Screen

Ohio Valley Industrial Services manufactures a complete line of removable-reusable insulation jackets to meet most industrial, commercial and laboratory insulating requirements. HotCaps™ are custom designed removable reusable insulation covers that can be manufactured to fit heat exchangers, turbines, pumps, valves, flanges, expansion joints, and other hard to insulate equipment. HotCaps™ are also cost effective and provide the user with the energy savings associated with permanent insulation and the flexibility of reusing the cover. Skilled technicians are available from Ohio Valley Industrial Services to select and design the appropriate insulation cover for your toughest insulating requirements.

HotCaps™ can be fabricated from a wide range of materials depending upon the system temperature and specific service environment. They are also used in applications ranging form cryogenic temperatures to 1800 F. The insulation jackets are made from various industrial grades of woven fiberglass fabric encapsulating high temperature insulation. Various combinations of jacketing materials, insulation, and closure devices can be employed to handle most applications.

Our HotCaps™ Removable Insulation Covers are completely produced in house. The teflon loaded fiberglass and different types of insulation we use for the blankets are cut on our HotCaps™ Cutting Machine.